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Introducing Spottr - Your Spotify Stats Year-Round

July 16, 2021

3 minutes

As a long-time Spotify user, I love the end-of-year stats that Spotify surfaces each year. If you’re like me, you probably hate waiting till the end of each year just to see your top songs, artists, and genres.This is why I developed Spottr, a…


Github1s - Instantly Browse Projects on VSCode in Your Browser ⚡

February 10, 2021

2 minutes

Like $GME, Github1s is a project that seemingly blew up overnight (literally). Developed by @conwnet, this project aims to be an extremely fast way to load up any Github project in "one second" with the same feel as if you opened it up locally on…

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Extensions: Google Chrome's Soft Underbelly (Part 2)

February 07, 2021

10 minutes

In the previous post, I mainly went through the code to understand what was going on on a syntactic level. Now that I've done some actual runs let's see what this code does.2021 UpdateSince my last update, it seems that I was hit with a malicious…


Extensions: Google Chrome's Soft Underbelly (Part 1)

January 07, 2021

16 minutes

Since Chrome v9, Chrome extensions have been a core part of the browser's functionality powered by the browser's comprehensive extensions API. The sheer size of the Chrome Web Store with over 190,000 extensions/web apps and over 1.2 billion installs…


Finally Featured on ProductHunt — Lessons Learned

November 18, 2020

8 minutes

November 3rd, arguably the most important date in US history -- well only every 4 years. But this year, it is especially important. This year, the people metaphorically went out in droves to vote for their beliefs, for their families, and their…