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Extensions Google Chrome's Soft Underbelly (Part 1)

January 07, 2021

16 minutes

Since Chrome v9, Chrome extensions have been a core part of the browser's functionality powered by the browser's comprehensive extensions API. The sheer size of the Chrome Web Store with over 190,000 extensions/web apps and over 1.2 billion installs…


Finally Featured on ProductHunt — Lessons Learned

November 18, 2020

8 minutes

November 3rd, arguably the most important date in US history -- well only every 4 years. But this year, it is especially important. This year, the people metaphorically went out in droves to vote for their beliefs, for their families, and their…


Pitfalls of the Singleton Bean

October 11, 2020

12 minutes

A Spring bean. Sounds relatively harmless, doesn't it? What if I told you that this could be the source of many headaches in web servers, especially if you are new to Spring development. However, if you're a more seasoned Java developer, then you…


Clickjacking Using Iframes: A Case Study

July 12, 2020

9 minutes

What is it?Having been around since 2002, Clickjacking or "UI redressing" is a technique that utilizes multiple opaque or transparent layers, usually iframes, to trick users into clicking buttons or entering information without any malicious intent…


COBOL — The Hottest Programming Language Out There

May 03, 2020

8 minutes

Hey you.Do you wanna be a software engineer?Do you wanna work with one of the most in-demand and bleeding-edge technologies out there?Do you wanna create lots of POSITIVE IMPACT and SOCIAL CHANGE?Do you wanna live life in the fast lane?Well, I got…